Embrace Pink Roses for Your Wedding Flowers

January 7th, 2010

Traditionally red or white roses are wedding flowers held by the bride who walks down the aisle.  But that’s a tradition, right? If you’re the imaginative bride who is looking to break free of tradition, why not take everyone‘s breath away and carry pinks roses? Unlike the red rose, (which is symbolic of love), the pink rose is a symbol of style and poetic romance. It’s an endearing wedding flower selection, as it embraces gratitude, happiness, and passion.

While some may argue that there’s too much importance placed on the color of wedding flowers carried by the bride, others will beg to differ. After all, roses and bouquets have traditionally conveyed messages throughout our history. Flowers have always been seen as a symbol of love and beauty. When carried by the bride, wedding flowers represent a celebration of love, fertility, and unity (as these flowers are grouped together in a bouquet).

A simple pink assortment of roses is an excellent choice for the bridal bouquet. It carries a direct message of peace and happiness. Pink is a soft and subtle color that will enhance any white gown. It’s feminine and tranquil. All too often a bride picks a bold floral arrangement for her wedding bouquet which takes everyone’s attention off of her beautiful gown. That’s just too unfortunate.

In recent years, dyed roses are embraced by many young brides. Unfortunately these vibrant colors are very unnatural. They send a message of “artificial love.” On the other hand, a pink rose wedding bouquet has no faux statements attached to it. It’s simple and elegant. It’s natural, as are the feelings attached to it.

There’s a wide assortment of shades to choose from when you select pink roses as for your wedding bouquet. There are soft pinks, hot pinks, mauve pinks, and dark pinks. While this may seem overwhelming, a florist will be more than happy to help you select the one that suits your wedding attire and decorations. Don’t be shy, ask any question you may have. Florists are professionals. They’ve heard just about every scenario before!

Pink is friendly, compassionate, and faithful. In addition to being a wonderful flower to select for your wedding bouquet, it’s the official color of Valentines Day. As pink is such a soft color, it would look lovely in both a Spring wedding summer bouquet, as well as a summer wedding bouquet. A pink rose is the universal symbol of beauty.

Jen Carter


Tips For Wedding Speeches

January 5th, 2010

It is quite normal that everyone at some point in their life will have to speak at someone’s wedding. It can be in any role, that of a father of the bride, or the best man. While the reason for being called to speak at a wedding can be anything ,it is a good idea to have a couple of good points handy that you can use when the occasion arises. seo services london While it is normal to think that the talking points are obvious, please bear in mind that it needs a bit of thick skin for public speaking.

Some key points to keep in mind while making a wedding speech are listed below.

Just because it is called a wedding speech panic away download does not mean that like some other speeches it should go on interminably. This is not an opportunity for you to display your vocabulary or impress people with your oration skills. Whatever your personal opinion about how interesting you are try tozygors wow guide keep it short. Remember that people are there to enjoy the wedding and not to hear you speak. Five minutes should be adequate to cover whatever it is you wish to say. If you find yourself going on for longer then try to end quickly.

A bad result of long speeches is that hair again john kelby there is the impulse to try and break the monotony with an occasional joke. Humor has its place and it usually takes a long time of practice to know how to use it effectively. jesse cannone Most public speakers have professional speech writers working for them, they do not do humor impromptu. Do not try to sound funny because a wedding is not a joke. However, if you are a compulsive jokester and subliminal mp3 cannot help yourself then at least try to make the jokes pertinent so that your speech does not reflect bad taste. The biggest no-no as far as humor is concerned is that you should never, ever make jokes that refer directly to the bride.

weddings are sentimental occasions so it is the sgr program alright for people to feel warm and mushy. Sharing sentimental stories is a very good idea. You can talk about how much the recently married couple are in love (if you really know about it), about your own wedding, and similar topics. These are cataclysm gold secrets appropriate things to say, provided you can once again maintain good taste.

The most important thing that needs to be remember banish tonsil stones when you are called upon to make a wedding speech is that you are not being called as a guest of honor or something, this is not about you and your entire effort must be for the benefit of the bride and groom, not yourself. Keep the gout remedy report your words focused on the couple as much as possible, this is their moment, do not steal from it.

Just remember these few tips and and you will be quite alright when called upon to make a wedding speech. It kristina tomlin helps to remember the right things to say and the nice memories to narrate. It needs but a small amount of preparation and does not need anyone to be a professional pubic speaker. You can do it.

Melvin Ng


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Three Steps To Planning Your Wedding Flowers

January 5th, 2010

When it comes to Floral arrangements and Decoration for weddings there are numerous options available. Floral Decorating options are endless and are limited only by the imagination, even the most outrageous floral decorations can be made to fit practically any budget provided there is time spent to do proper research regarding the many ideas that are available out there.

There are no set rules or limitations for wedding flowers. It is whatever the couple or more precisely the “bride” wants and can afford. Anything goes from renting the silk floral arrangements to do-it-yourself kind of deals for creative and imaginative brides and bridesmaids who are there to help the bride anyway. Planning for wedding flowers can be a lot of fun for bridal party who might come up with innovative ideas that you might not have thought about. It might also be fun to involve the groom in the process if he is an imaginative type otherwise forget about him, the most he will care about is to stick to the budget allocated for this category of your wedding.

Give yourself plenty of time to plan the wedding flowers, at least 6 months prior to the wedding date. Most brides want the flowers to complement the color scheme of and overall theme of the wedding particularly the wedding dress for the bride and the wedding attire for the bridesmaid etc.

Now the question is where to start looking for the perfect floral arrangements for the wedding? For starters check out the different Bridal magazines which are full of pictures of bouquets and wedding flower arrangements, that will give you some ideas to set a theme for your floral decorations.

Secondly and importantly, think about the types of flowers that will be in season at the time of your wedding. Choosing flowers that are readily available is a sure way to keep your wedding costs under control and within budget. Out of season flowers are very expensive to acquire and may not be available in some cases which will pose a hassle and a problem in many ways.

There are many creative ways to have your bouquets and arrangements do a double duty. Involve your bridesmaids and helpers in making arrangements if you are craft oriented to keep the costs down. Another way to keep the costs reasonable is to use more filler (more greenery) to your floral arrangements.

Thirdly once you have planned and figured out the flower arrangements and bouquets, shop around for a good florist who has reasonable prices and can turn your thoughts and ideas into a reality. It is to your advantage to select a florist early on because there’s a limit to how much even the best florist can handcraft and when you have the florist selected make sure that you go over the contract with a fine-toothed comb before signing to make sure the number and type of arrangements, including the flowers being used, are clearly specified along with delivery details. Keep clear records of the deposit amount and delineate the payment schedule.

As you can see it is lot of fun and work as well but the key is proper planning and not getting overwhelmed but staying calm and cool.

Gigi Mill


Wedding Speeches – 4 Tips for Making it Great

January 3rd, 2010

Being selected to give a wedding speech is a great honor. However, it can also be a bit overwhelming. The thought of standing up and giving a speech in front of your friends and family is enough to give anyone butterflies. But it doesn’t have to be if you follow a few simple rules. Here are 4 steps to delivering the perfect wedding speech, regardless of whether you’re writing a maid of honor speech, a best man speech, or a father of the bride speech.

Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. There are plenty of pre-written speeches
on the Internet. Of course, you don’t want to use them as they are, but they
can act as an excellent model for crafting your own wedding speech. Take the best from each one and make your speech truly unique.

Start preparing as soon as possible. Practice is the key to delivering a great wedding speech. Whenever you think of a great story, introduction, or anecdote for your speech, be sure to write it down.

Feel free to add some humor to your wedding speech. Weddings are certainly a joyful experience, but there are also a lot of tears that will be shed. Laughter is often a much needed release that helps everyone to relax and enjoy the evening.

wedding speeches should be heartfelt messages focused on the bride and groom.
The key to writing a great speech is to write from the heart. Write something real and you can’t go wrong. It’s not so much about “saying it right” as simply saying something meaningful.

Mathew Reed


Beach Weddings – Going Beyond Tradition

January 2nd, 2010

The desire to go beyond traditional wedding venues, such as homes, halls or hotels has made beach weddings the venue of choice for a growing number of couples around the world. And one big advantage of having a beach wedding is that it is one of the most inexpensive, yet romantic venues that a couple could have. The other advantage of beach weddings is that a couple can save a lot of money in terms of clothes, jewellery, etc. as casual or beachwear for the bridal couple is acceptable attire for such a venue, although this may not be the rule.

The reason why beach weddings have grown in popularity, over the past few decades, is because of the beautiful, romantic and panoramic vistas that such a venue offers. After all, who could resist a wedding back-drop that is provided free by nature – golden sand, swaying green palms, blue waters, an endless sky and exquisite sunsets? Beach weddings can be held at anytime of day or night and still have incomparable, appeal. Sunrise, midday or at sunset are all great times for beach weddings and equally beautiful is the sound of the waves with a star-studded, sky at night. These are factors that make a beach such a versatile venue.

As beach weddings are still growing in popularity, beachside Resorts and Hotels now offer attractive wedding packages to suit various budgets and requirements. Many resorts and hotels have professional, wedding planning groups who take care of all arrangements and pay particular attention to detail when planning beach weddings. Today, most beach wedding packages include beach décor, open-air, buffet catering, live entertainment and attractive honeymoon facilities. In this manner, couples can relax and have time to attend to other things without stress whatsoever.

One of the biggest rewards, and the sense of achievement that couples experience, is the appreciation they receive from guests. This is but natural, as just about anybody would, for a change, just love to leave the rigors of formal etiquette, attire and tradition, while shedding their inhibitions and letting their hair down to revel in an ambiance without compare.

The beach is also flexible enough as a venue to organize theme-orientated, beach weddings. As such, weddings with Hawaiian, Caribbean, Far Eastern and other exotic themes are becoming extremely popular. Beach weddings needn’t be extravagant or big in terms of the number of invitees, space and décor that a traditional venue would demand. The savings that accrue from beach weddings can be utilized for travel expenses or the cost of a popular, exotic location. When planning your beach wedding, it would be a good idea to study different beach destination brochures, as well as the numerous packages on offer for beach weddings. You can also go online to get enough information to make your final choice and allocate the relevant budget. If you have the advantage of a scenic beach location, not too far from where you and your partner decide, it will be an added advantage not only to you but also to close relatives and friends who would otherwise need to travel to a destination much further. Either way, if you’ve decided to have a beach wedding, you will be joining millions of couples who have enjoyed the romance, thrills and scenic beauty of a beach wedding.

Ben Spence

Las Vegas Weddings Aren’t Just for Elvis Fans Anymore

December 30th, 2009

It’s fun to think about the cheesy Las Vegas weddings of the past. From Elvis chapels to themed nuptials, Las Vegas was the place to go when you wanted to get married fast!

You can still get Elvis to marry you, but today, all types of people are getting married in Las Vegas. weddings are generally less expensive than in other parts of the country, there’s a lot for the wedding couple and their guests to do before and after the wedding, and it’s just a whole lot of fun!

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider getting hitched in the entertainment capital of the world.

• You can make the most of your last days as a single person — take in the sights and have a great night out on the strip. During the day, have a relaxing message at a spa.

• You can indulge your impulsive nature — you only need a valid ID, your social security number and $55 to get married in Vegas. Forget the wedding planner, in-laws, and wedding singer.

• You can choose from a wide variety of wedding packages — whether you’re having a small, intimate affair or a party of 300, Las Vegas has the place and style for you.

• You can marry and honeymoon in the same city — even if you get married at a small chapel, you can stay at one of the luxurious hotel on your wedding night.

When you get tired of the 24/7 excitement, you can always take a day trip to Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, or the Valley of Fire. After all, you’ll need to relax too!

And probably the best reason for getting married in Las Vegas…EVERYTHING you do will stay in Vegas!

Joan Yankowitz


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Real or Synthetic Wedding Flowers

December 22nd, 2009

Wedding flowers are one of the biggest parts of any wedding budget, so saving money on them should be a top priority for any bride and groom. To save on money and to keep within your budget you should consider buying the flowers wholesale. Especially when the flowers are in season like spring it is a great time to purchase wholesale because of the stock of flowers. Remember to check your arrangement in a mirror with you holding it so you would picture how it would look like to someone else’s view. This is a new generation and silk wedding flowers are the rage.

White wedding dresses come in a wide variety of shades of white; you want to make sure that the flowers that you choose will coordinate with your wedding dress so you should match it with a swatch. Professional florist know accent the flowers just so, so they will attract attention to you in the way that you want. There is no shame in learning from the success and failures of others and doing so will generally save you a lot of grief. Your florist will help you with which flowers are seasonal if you are still unsure as to what to go for. Your local florist can recommend the many colorful options available. You are in for a pleasant surprise at your local florist. Florists can customize flowers to what ever you like, these fresh flowers with professional cutting them will make your bouquet outlast any store bought flowers.

The bouquets can be the same color as the bride’s bouquet or a different color. Bouquets can also be fashioned by keeping in mind the family tradition. Any good wedding florist should have at least a few sample bouquets they can show you. If no live bouquets are available, however, be sure to look through the photo book the florist has. Ensure that gift bouquets are ordered for the mothers. Problems arise because of last-minute flower substitutions due to weather or transportation issues, which may be more expensive. Women find themselves making last-minute decisions about changes to their arrangements, often without seeing what the revised bouquets will look like. Spring flowers make attractive centerpieces for tables and rooms. Bridal bouquets can be prepared with them.

The best way to evaluate how and where to allocate your wedding budget is to determine exactly what your priorities are. These days, 4 out of 5 couples pay for their own wedding and it helps to know how your budget should be broken down. It is with the budget that you can set realistic goals for your wedding and whether or not if your budget is realistic to your finances.

Since summer is the most popular time for weddings, it is very important to decide in advance the type of wedding flowers wanted by the bride. Since the florists are bound to be busy with many other weddings, the bride should be sure of her choices. Florists will also deliver all the flowers to your destination. Flowers in the center of the table always makes a good center piece, your guest will want to take these home and make your wedding day memorable. Most wedding florists will have a portfolio of photographs from past weddings, and they should be happy to share this portfolio of past work with potential customers. Most established florists are not one-man shows but a huge network of florists in different places.

David Fishman


Wedding Speeches – the Best Man Speech

December 16th, 2009

“Its your turn, the master of ceremonies gives you the nod and announces that it is time for the best man speech!, you arise nervously from your chair, clear you throat and think to yourself… “I hope this goes well”

Making a best man speech can be a stressful process, its one of the pivotal events of the night and all eyes and ears will be turned and tuned toward you.

Putting together a wedding speech of any type is not an easy process. Getting the right blend of humor, emotion and wit just right is a daunting task. Get it wrong (as many do) and people will be cringing to themselves for years to come… “remember when so and so made that awful best man speech!”. However get it right and you will be the envy of your friends and admired by all the attendees at the wedding ceremony.

Here are a few quick tips to ensure your best man wedding speech is a success

  • If you nervous don’t make it too long, in fact don’t make it too long period, you don’t want a bored, yawning audience waiting for you to get off.
  • Having said that don’t make it too short, try not to make a “blink and you will miss it” speech.
  • Include humor, its a great ice breaker, most people will be wanting you to do well and will gladly help you out by laughing, this breaks the tension and you will settle into your task quickly.
  • Don’t be crude, as funny as it may be to your male friends, the audience (and the brides family for that matter) DO NOT want to know the details of drinking exploits or ex-girlfriends.
  • Take your time speak clearly, don’t rush and mumble.
  • Smile, don’t take it so seriously, if you stumble on your words, just smile and laugh it off, the audience will laugh with you, not at you.

Writing a speech is a daunting task, maybe you should consider getting a professionally written one for the day so you don’t let the wedding party down. Speech writing guides contain many different and quality examples which can be edited and combined to form a fantastic unique speech. They are available for extremely cheap prices via digital download, best of all even if its the night before the wedding, you can have the guide downloaded and your best man wedding speech up and running in 20 minutes, allowing you to get a good nights sleep and enjoy the next day, safe in the knowledge that your speech is destined to be received warmly.

I personally have put together a wedding ceremony guide for making the perfect best man wedding speech you can take a look at it here The best Man Speech.

Hoping you have a wonderful day!

Gloria Bond


Wild Flowers For A Wild Wedding?

December 7th, 2009

Flowers are a great way to spruce up any wedding or reception. The combinations and choices available are limited only by your budget and personal taste.

A professional florist can locate just about any flower you want, no matter what time of year it is. Keep in mind, that flowers that are currently in season will be the least expensive way to go. If you choose to have flowers shipped halfway around the world, it will quickly raise the cost of the flowers.

Before deciding on a florist for your wedding, it is important to meet with several different ones. Prices can vary dramatically from one florist to the next. You will also want to feel confident in your choice of florists. Choose a florist that will go over the details thoroughly with you, rather than trying to rush through the process.

The type of flowers couples need vary depending on the location and size of the wedding. Sometimes, the place where you have the wedding may have some flowers already. In that case, you may want to simply add a few flowers that you have a particular fondness of.

Chances are, you will want to pick out a floral bouquet for the bride, as well as the bridesmaids. The bride’s bouquet will be larger and more expensive than the bridesmaids. When choosing a bouquet for the bridesmaids, consider one that will complement their dresses.

Many times, florists will suggest that a bride buy two bouquets. The first bouquet will be used to carry down the aisle and will be kept as a memento, while the second one will be the one that is tossed to the unmarried guests. The first bouquet will often time be the more expensive of the two, since it is the one that will be kept as a keepsake.

The groom, groomsmen and father of the bride, traditionally wear a boutonniere, which is pinned onto the lapel of the tuxedo or suit. Of all the boutonnieres purchased, the grooms will be the most expensive. The word boutonniere originated from the French word ’bouton’, which means button. Originally, the boutonnieres were worn in the button hole of the tuxedo lapel.

In some instances, florist will suggest that the wedding cake be decorated with a few fresh flowers. Generally, these are seasonal flowers that highlight the cake and add color to it. You will not want to overdo it, but rather just add a few touches of color to the cake.

Finally, you will need some corsages for the bride’s mother and the groom’s mother. Corsages are simple floral arrangements, generally worn on the wrist. More than likely, the corsage will coordinate with the bride’s bouquet.

Choosing the right florist can make all the difference in your wedding. With so many options to choose from, it is important to find someone you can trust and have confidence in their suggestions. Flowers can have that extra special touch to any wedding.

Valorie Jay


Wedding Speeches – the Father of the Bride

December 4th, 2009

It’s Your Daughters BIG day, the little girl you have loved and looked after for so long is getting married. You have been bestowed the honor of making a Father of The Bride Wedding Speech at your daughters wedding, what do you say? how do you convey just how much your daughter means to you and how happy you are she is getting married?”

Writing your father of the bride speech can be a stressful and exhausting process. You desperately want to make sure this pivotal part of the wedding ceremony goes off without a hitch. You want to make your daughter proud and do her and your family justice by giving a great father of the bride speech that will leave your daughter with a memory she will cherish forever.

The problem with putting a father of the bride wedding speech together is that it is hard, often more so for guys, to convey emotion. Getting the right combination of wit, humor, sincerity and emotion can be the difference between a good speech and a bad one. In particular men can have trouble conveying emotion and when they force it it comes across as wooden or insincere.

You want to convey to everyone just how much you love your daughter and how happy you are to see her settle down with her chosen partner. You also want to infuse just the right amount of humor to keep things from getting to “heavy”, getting people to laugh is possibly the most important part of any ceremony speech.

Writing a speech is not the easiest process, the advice I offer to people is to get a guide made up of professionally written speeches which have been proven time and time again to be successful, which can then be edited and mixed and matched to form the perfect speech for your occasion. In around 30 minutes you could have your speech written, leaving you to relax and focus on other tasks. The guides are extremely cheap and lets face it in comparison to the cost of the wedding day, the price pales into insignificance and will ensure your daughters day is complete.

I have put together a guide for making the perfect father of the bride wedding speech you can find it here The Father of The Bride Speech.

Hoping your day is a successful and memorable one!

Gloria Bond